Voodoo Magic Polish Testimonials

Steve W Wrote (11/14/2011):

“I am ecstatic about your polish! Used it on a low quality ruby to see how it works and WOW! This stuff works spectacular! You have made me a very happy person.
Thank you so much.”

Carl H. Wrote (8/1/08 new formula):

“Received the Voodoo yesterday. Tried it today on Moonstone. Loaded a Last Lap with 50,000 on the inside and 3,000 on the outside. Results were very good. I liked the way the 3000 drifted in the meets without overshooting. Three swipes on the 50,000 and a better shine came up than I ever got with cerium oxide. The edges were sharp and no rounding … if this is an indication of things to come, I have found me a new polish system.”

Terrell wrote:

“The polish cuts such a fine edge that you have to really have your act together to make the meets correctly … it was awesome. Fast, clean, and beautiful. I love the stuff.”

Mike from the U.K. wrote:

“Congratulations on an excellent product … just finished the pavilion of this years UKFCG open competition stone in orange colored cubic zirconia using 50k Voodoo Polish … I find it to be excellent, a flawless finish, no visible pitting or scratches under a 10 power loupe, and very aggressive on higher lap speeds for pulling meets in … no problems throughout the full speed range of my Graves MKIV machine. What I particularly like about it is the total lack of mess … a quick wipe with a tissue and the facet is ready for viewing.”

Chris in Washington says:

“You’ve got a winner John. What a fantastic product. I have been reasonably satisfied with a number of different products, but never like this. Now I can’t wait to cut some other materials and see what it will do on them.”

“My pavilion concave facets cut in beautifully with just the 14M VooDoo potion directly on the 13mm mandrel… it was not necessary to cut the concaves in with a 1200 diamond mandrel. Which equates to another time saver from your VooDoo potion. “

“If you ever want a referral on the VooDoo potion, use my name.”

Jake in Florida says:

“I received the Voodoo Magic Polish today in the mail, and right away I charged the lighter corian lap. In a matter of minutes, I finished polishing a pavilion… This sure is a magic polish!”

“I have tried many polishing agents including ultralaps, copper laps, tin laps, regular 50k diamond compound, alumina oxide … and nothing, I mean nothing, has ever done as well of a job as your Voodoo Magic Polish has done for me! I would/will recommend this polish to every faceter I know … this is truly amazing stuff!”

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4 thoughts on “Voodoo Magic Polish Testimonials”

  1. Hi John,
    This is a follow up on Voodoo polish using a Ceramic lap. I generally do not cut synthetics. However in order to get some fair assessment of the polish I used a lab synthetic Ruby and went directly to from a fairly new 600 lap to Voodoo on Ceramic. The polish in conjunction Ceramic is very, very aggressive (On a 8mm round) only two swipes was necessary may be three and this is done with very, once again very light pressure. Too much hand pressure will wipe out facets. I had to re-cut the pavilion because I had much too much pressure and was not inspecting the stone as I should have, however in the past I have not had any problems with such pressure and in all fairness I was also not using the Ceramic lap and as you know these laps have such tendencies to also be aggressive. Any way… end of the day Voodoo polish with Ceramic gives a competition polish. To give a little more… I charged the Ceramic cleaned it with a little Alcohol charged it again and took most of the polish from the lap with a paper towel. At first I used a little WD 40 as a lube, but in the end it was not necessary. Again, thanks. The polish got my Ceramic out of retirement. Sometime in the late 80s I almost stop faceting because of Ceramic. These laps was fairly new and nobody quite knew how to use them and even today there are few that really know the hidden secrets of this marvelous lap.
    Yours truly,
    Sant Khalsa

    1. Hello, Sant,

      Thank you very much for your kind input. I have a ceramic lap, but have not played with it enough to get it working satisfactorily.
      It would be wonderful to have you share the details of how you prepare a new ceramic, from the box in order to get the great results you are talking about. I would be grateful for anything you can share in this regard. Thanks again!

  2. OK,
    So I got some of the Voodoo polish and charged up my Corian lap. Very happy…..sooo happy I puled out my retired Phenolic lap and charged that. End result… I will use the Corian lap for Quartz and use the Phenolic lap for every thing else. Now then the acid test for the polish is to charge my retired Ceramic lap and if that works I`ll buy the company 🙂
    Thanks soooo much

    1. Hi, Sant,

      Glad you like the Voodoo. I know people who use it on Ceramic, but that’s not a lap I use so I can’t offer much support with it. Please do report back your findings. And, if you’re happy with it, please send some specific information about your methods for use. Other people would really appreciate that contribution!

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