Alien Pear

Alien pear faceting diagram

The Alien Pear is an intermediate to advanced faceting design, partly because it’s a pear (which is a challenging girdle plan), partly because it’s a semi-checkerboard crown, and partly because of some strategy required to start-out the CAM.

If you’re an advanced faceter, with experience in CAM, pear girdle plans, sequencing strategy, and checkerboard crowns, you can probably tackle this without the video.

alien pear faceting diagram

If you’re an intermediate faceter with a solid foundation in CAM and at least some experience building pear girdle foundations and completing checkerboard crowns, you can probably do this one, especially if you follow the video.

FREE PDF copy of the design:

PDF Version

I’m interested in how much you enjoy this design and the video about it. Please leave your comments below – I’ll try to answer every comment or question.

If you have a nice photo or video of your cutting of this (or any of my designs), send them to me and they may get featured on the design page!

GemCAD copy of the design and Tutorial Video are available for site members.

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