Official Ultra Tec Videos

Welcome to the Official Ultra Tec Videos page sponsored by the Ultra Tec Company, makers of the Ultra Tec and Glass Tec Faceting Machines. You can also download the Ultra Tec V5 Owner’s Manual here.

1. Unboxing the Ultra Tec V5 Instrument

Watch this video first to get an overview of modern precision faceting and the kind of equipment you’re going to be using – as well as a run-through of what you’ll get in the other chapters.


Ultra Tec Speed Trigger Test

The first, short introduction to the Ultra Tec Speed Trigger – a device that allows true one-handing of the UT quill – and carves significant time from the faceting process. Check it out!

Speed Trigger Installation & Faceter’s eye view

How to install and use the Ultra Tec Speed Trigger for fast and/or one-hand operation the UT quill. This video demonstrates a 21% speed improvement.

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