ECED Super Emerald

The ECED Super Emerald is a beginner to intermediate faceting by Long & Steele that I tweaked only a little to an exact L/W and for sequencing, to show how ECED preforming works.

Super Emerald ECED faceting design

If you’re an experienced novice faceter, confident calibrating gems and achieving solid meets on pointy facets in L/W greater than 1.3 you can probably cut this one comfortably.

FREE PDF copy of the design:

PDF Version


I’m interested in how much my explanation of ECED and tips on sequencing help your understanding and enjoyment of faceting. Please leave your comments below – I’ll try to answer every comment or question.

GemCAD copy of the design and a detailed Video of sequencing tips, tricks, and cutting strategy how-to and why-for are available for site members.

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