Official Facetron Videos

Welcome to the Official Facetron Videos page sponsored by Jarvi Tool Company, makers of the Facetron Faceting Machine. You can also download the Facetron Owner’s Manual here.

1. Introduction & Background

Watch this video first to get an overview of modern precision faceting and the kind of equipment you’re going to be using – as well as a run-through of what you’ll get in the other chapters.

2. Unboxing Your Facetron

What you’ll find when you unwrap it – and how to do that without damaging anything. This vid includes the first tips about parts of your machine that are delicate or require special care and attention.

3. Assembling your Facetron

Putting it together – including how to avoid damaging your machine.

4. Disassembling and Packing Your Facetron

Quick reminders about how to prevent damage and save time and money. Watch ANY TIME you need to pack your machine for storage or shipment!

5. Using your Facetron

A. Detailed Tour of the Machine

Learn your way around your machine, especially the mast and head!

B. Accessories, No-no’s, and Always-Do’s

Save money by not buying what you don’t need (or breaking what you have). Avoid damaging your machine through common mistakes. And, start building the habits of success!



C. Changing Index Gears

How to change index gears without worry, fuss, or problems.

If you have alignment or stair-stepping girdle problems after changing your index gear, see the videos in Chapter 9 below on “sighting the rifle”. They will show three different ways to zero your cheater, eliminating that issue.

D. Dopping with Superglue

How to dop with CA (Superglue) the way Norm Jarvi taught me.

E. Transfer with Superglue

How to transfer with CA (Superglue) the way Norm Jarvi taught me.

F. Faceting Ergonomics

Prevent back-aches, neck-aches, and head-aches that are common in faceting. Protect your machine from damage. Maximize your fun, success, and productivity with these secrets of faceting ergonomics!

G. Operating Hard Stop and Soft Stop Controls

Having your stop set incorrectly can cause a number of different problems. This video explains the hard stop and soft stop controls on your Facetron, how to operate them, and how to insure you are using the stop as you intend.

H. When and Why to Hard Stop or Soft Stop

This more-advanced video for Academy site members explains when and why to use a soft-stop technique or a hard-stop technique. Increase your faceting productivity, prevent time-wasting errors, and produce sharper facets by using these hard-stopping and soft-stopping techniques!

6. Troubleshooting Common Problems

Save time; save worry; save money by knowing this stuff.

7. Care and Cleaning of your Facetron

Maintain precision, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of your faceting instrument with these simple steps and habits.

8. Calibrating Your Protractor

A. Using the dial indicator

Calibrate your protractor using the dial indicator built into the machine. This is fast and easy. It uses and builds machine-handling skills.

B. Using a digital inclinometer

Calibrate your protractor quickly and easily using a digital inclinometer. This is very fast and very easy. It requires less machine-handling skills.


9. Sighting the Rifle (zeroing the cheater)

A. Using the dial indicator

Zero your cheater using the dial indicator built into the machine. This is fast and easy. It uses and builds machine-handling skills.

B. Using a tool you make

Zero your cheater to optical precision with a special tool you make in 5 minutes. This is the most accurate way of doing this.

C. Using a digital inclinometer

Zero your cheater quickly and easily using a digital inclinometer.


10. Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

A. Don’t ruin your splash pan!

A very short note about how girdle easily without ruining your splash pan.

B. Save Your Quill

One fast and important trick to protect and preserve your quill.

C. Prevent HEAD-aches!

Important tools, tips, and tricks to protect and preserve your mast, head, quill, and deck.

11. Blueprinting Your Laps

How to make your laps cut as smooth, precise, and fast as a race car!

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