Charging a Lap with Voodoo

Polishing like Magic is easy with Voodoo Magic Diamond Polishes:

  1. Prepare your composite lap. You want a surface that is porous and not shiny. Use wet sandpaper if necessary under water and wash and dry thoroughly before charging. I prep Corian laps using 120-grit or 220-grit wet paper. Use a block of wood and sand just enough to remove the glaze. You can also de-glaze some lap surfaces by scrubbing with Acetone on a clean rag (ventilate appropriately).
  2. Apply Voodoo Magic Polish to a clean and dry composite lap surface using a plastic spatula tool. (I use ¾ to 1 inch wide strips cut from old credit cards.) Apply polish liberally across the surface of the slowly-running lap, pressing into the lap surface for several revolutions to create a uniform coating that’s well-stuck to the lap. Then, using the edge of the plastic spatula, remove all but a thin film of polish. The lap should look almost naked. Preserve the removed polish – I store the spatula in a small baggie. Do NOT put scraped polish back into your container, lest you contaminate the store…

Plenty of Polish for at least two charges.

Charging the lap…

Scrape off all excess Voodoo.

This is a fully-charged lap.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of this

 This video shows the right way to charge a polishing lap with Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish.

How to charge a lap with Voodoo Magic Polish

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