Kate Pleatman

In 9 years of gem work, Kate has been a student of two fabulous gem mentors:  the late Don Dunn and the not-late-at-all John Bailey.  Kate’s virtual shop, Facets & Frosting, opened in 2013.  Kate balances business, a teen daughter, and an ill-tempered cat named Sushi from her Ohio home base.

Member of the US Faceters Guild and the UK Facet Cutters Guild, Kate is ranked as a Pre-Master gem cutter and placed 4th in the 2015 UK competition.  She is also a GIA Graduate Gemologist and jewelry appraiser.  Kate likes to mine her own materials when possible and if not, prefers to source rough of known origin.  She believes that knowledge of origin is important for heirloom gems – to ensure that all items are ethically sourced, and to pass along the history to the new owner.  Additional, Kate apprenticed as bench jeweler at Hug Jewelers (retail shop) and Quality Gold (manufacturer), where she learned vital skills in metalworking and jewelry repair.

Kate finds inspiration in geometry, historical artifacts, and delicate details.  Jewelry speaks to all ages, all times, and great classics transcend time.  Kate hopes to create great classics – using fine gems and superb craftsmanship – that can be passed down and live on throughout time.

The Celestial Bodies Collection

Kate believes the sky is the limit in faceting, and the Celestial Bodies theme explores boundaries in gem and jewelry design.  Fascinated with the stars, Kate gravitated to gem work because of the similar twinkle.  She explores this theme with non-traditional gem material, unique cuts, and unique setting design.  Many items in the collection are her original cut designs.  She hopes these pieces will be worn and loved by patrons who also enjoy glittering like the stars.

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