Faceting Basic Training Event!

It’s time to take the brakes off your career
or hobby working with precious gems!

What is the Faceting Academy?

learn how to facetFaceting Academy is an opportunity to accelerate your faceting hobby or career through intense immersion training like none offered anywhere else.

In our BASIC TRAINING, total beginners  will learn – in just a few fun and intense days – to select and cut standard materials in standard designs, creating precious jewels nicer than what you will find in most jewelry stores.

he gem at right was cut by a beginner in the Basic Training program, using their new machine for the first time.

In our BASIC TRAINING, the beginner to intermediate faceter will increase their confidence, efficiency, fun, speed, and profit. By the time they’re done, they’ll have better ergonomics and work-flow, and resolve their problems with dopping, polishing, and transfers. Here’s the actual skills checklist for the course. Most of our BASIC TRAINING students graduate with these skills.

Who is the Faceting Academy for?

learn to cut gems

The Faceting Academy is for people who are excited to cut precious gems as a hobby or business creating beautiful and valuable wearable art. The Faceting Academy is for people who are ready to believe in possibility for themselves and to create their success – by working in a program where we help people do that every year.

The Faceting Academy is NOT for people with more excuses than reasons to just be successful; it is not for people who won’t follow experienced coaching; and it’s not for people looking for a get-rich scheme. Faceting is NOT a get rich scheme; it’s an esoteric art – that uses some really cool modern gadgets.

What is Faceting Academy Training Like?

Check out these images from our events:

Check out this sneak peek inside Faceting Academy Basic Training, where a group of students is learning how to transfer gems dopped with CA (superglue)

Faceting Academy Training is …

INTENSE: Most of the days run 10 or more hours – with instruction, conversation, discussion, questions and LOTS of hands-on doing of every skill.

PERSONAL: Seating is limited to around 10 people, so everyone gets loads of personalized, one-on-one attention that really makes the difference. And, everyone in the room benefits from every question – and every problem is solved in real time.

collaborating at the faceting academy

COLLABORATIVE: People often learn best when they can exchange ideas and discover new things with someone. Many of our learning projects provide opportunities to work together exploring artistic possibilities.

DETAILED and SYSTEMATIC: Everything I do is systematic, so it works every time. We teach the details of my systems – both in faceting systems and personal development and communications – with exact explanations of WHY they work so reliably.

PROJECT-BASED: Just like the real world, where you want to produce a finished gem. The majority of your time will be hands-on with the tools and materials, completing project after project that installs and combines skills to prepare you for fun productivity.

MENTOR-BOOSTED: Even though the class size is very small, we invite selected graduates of the course to return as experienced mentors – increasing the personalized hands-on assistance, and broadening the perspective and experience you’ll be learning from.

FUN and EXCITING: We have a light and friendly class. We train within walking distance of many eateries and accommodations. We share loads of stories and bring perspectives from other parts of life into the experience. And, someone is always achieving a new goal – or showing off their newest completed stone, keeping the excitement and motivation high!

PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL: We reveal the secrets used by professional and master-level faceting artists to maximize return and value. Our graduates can do more than just cut a stone. They know how to evaluate a rough, orient it, and select the best design – as how to grind and polish it.

Our Graduates are Successful

Tucson gem show Ron Skog

This is Faceting Academy Graduate and returning mentor Ron Skog, at his booth at the Tucson show (22nd Street show) in 2016.

Tucson gem show Mark Stephan

I’m checking out the art of Faceting Academy Graduate
Mark Stephan in the Tucson Gem Show at Hotel Tucson.
You can see more of his work here.

Tucson gem show Kate Pleatman

Faceting Academy Graduate and Gemologist Kate Pleatman is showing me some of her ring designs at the Tucson Gem Show (22nd St show) where she was doing identification, appraisal, repair faceting and custom cutting on-site. You can see more of her work here.

Listen to what these students have to say about their experience:

Where is the Faceting Academy?

The Faceting Academy is held in beautiful Klamath Falls, Oregon. Our training facility is within comfortable walking distance from two hotels – and over a half-dozen restaurants, making it fun, fast, and easy to stay immersed in the program.

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What will I learn at the BASIC TRAINING class?

learn faceting dopping

Faceting Academy BASIC TRAINING provides OVER ONE HUNDRED HOURS of hands-on instruction. The average total beginner will go home ready to sit down and confidently cut and polish simple designs (Here’s the actual skills checklist for the course.) – and to explore more complicated designs without getting lost.

Our Basic Faceting Academy provides more than a full day to rough evaluation: How to avoid buying problem stones; how to select stones of unique opportunity; how to orient for placement of inclusions; how to orient for placement and direction of color; how to select design elements for best presentation and yield. These things empower the artist to select and use his materials to realize greatest value.

People with just a little experience faceting will learn to be quick and confident with their dopping, cutting, transfer, and polishing. Their productivity and confidence will rocket.

I’ve been faceting for a while –
Should I still take a “basic” class?

Experienced faceters can download our Skills Checklist to see if they should attend BASIC Training – or if they have the foundation to dive into our Advanced Courses. It’s just one page – check it out!


BASIC TRAINING program comes with its own full-color manual full of photos – and a collection of training designs to keep you busy – both at the class and after you get home.

BASIC TRAINING will include all the rough you will use at the training – and some to keep you busy after you return home.

It can’t be easier or more affordable to get geared-up and to get the training you need to have fun cutting precious stones.

To make things easier, I’ve set up some great discounts and bonuses – so whatever your level or ambition, you can join the elite group of people that will be here, learning at this level.

What do I Need to Come to the Faceting Academy?

  • Most important is an attitude of curiosity and the choice to work with precious gems – and the commitment to follow-through;
  • You need your own equipment. We can help you acquire a Facetron or Ultra Tec machine. When you buy a machine through me, you’ll receive a discount on your Academy tuition.
  • You need the ability to sit in a chair for an hour or two at a time, and to move your arms and your head.
  • You need reasonable visual acuity. If you can read the newspaper and qualify for a driver license you should be OK.
  • You need to come to Klamath Falls, where you will need lodging and food during the class.
  • You will need this set of tools and miscellaneous items.

What will I RECEIVE at the Faceting Academy?

  • All the rough you need to complete the experiments and projects on-site.
  • Some rough to let you continue your fast-paced learning after you get home.
  • All the books and manuals required for the courses.
  • Extensive reference material and plenty of designs.
  • Hour upon hour of intense instruction, demonstration, conversation, humor,  encouragement – and valuable networking.
  • Experience working with a professional rough dealer and selecting rough as you will at major shows later.
  • Personalized and individual instruction, helping you maximize your personal progress toward your specific goals.
  • Mentoring from returning Academy Graduates.
  • Hands-on assistance with your machine or tools.
  • New friends, networking partners, and affiliates to help you succeed. We’ve got multiple international rough dealers who are Academy graduates – and there’s a tight, private network and camaraderie in the group.
  • An ongoing opportunity to network resources, make purchases, sales, and get work done by people with additional expertise in gold, marketing, etc – on a rapidly growing and global scale.
  • Great memories of a real adventure learning and growing your horizons with other great people.


Faceting Academy Graduates


Collect an additional $200 New Machine Discount when you Order a New Machine for delivery at the Academy.


New resident training students who are not already site supporters also receive one year FREE Academy Site Membership ($199 value)


Miscellaneous Information:

The Faceting Academy is a BYO equipment event, so you will need a faceting machine, as well as the equipment described in this document in order to participate.

Review the terms and conditions of participating in the Faceting Academy.

Travel & Accommodations Details will be provided upon registration.

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