Fast Barion Square

A quick and easy Fast Barion Square with the same number of facets as the Standard Round Brilliant. This design works best in higher-RI materials like Sapphire, Demantoid Garnet and Moissanite. Provides good scintillation and dispersion.

fast barion square

fast barion square
fast barion square

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9 thoughts on “Fast Barion Square”

  1. Great looking design will try it but the only ruff i have is a very light Aqua CZ. I would like to darken it to bring out more color. Would this design darken it or lighten it. Great videos and web sight am learning more all the time. Thank you Ron

    1. Hi, Ron,

      The crown of this will tend to darken, the pavilion is brilliant, but deeper, so it’ll look good in most anything.

      Hope you have a good time with it – fast and easy to cut!

  2. Harold Helton

    I really like this design and I followed along in GemCad.
    A really nice neat quick design that I will have to try once I get the proper rough.
    When I see a really nice design that I like but don’t have the correct RI rough to use I sometimes will cut it in lower RI material anyway.
    I have heard that tangenting a design down to a lower RI does not work very good.
    Is this true in your experience.

    Thanks Harold

    1. Hi, Harold,

      Thanks for the nice comments. Glad to know the vid is useful to you.

      Not all designs will function in all RI materials, even if you T/R them to higher angles. The thing to do is to get competent with GemCAD and then do the changes and ray-trace extensively before committing rough and time.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Just found and watched the Fast Barion Square video. What a beautiful stone. Will get the pattern out and work on it. It does look easy and simple to follow the instructions.
    Thank you again John for these video’s . I look forward to watching more of them

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