Andy Lucas at the Faceting Academy

This video is from a Faceting Academy Resident Training event in 2016, where Saul Bell award-winner, artist Andy Lucas presented on working with jewelers, aesthetics, artistic endeavor, shows, marketing, and more. The video is broken into five pieces for convenient navigation and viewing.

(length = 15:42)

There are four more chapters available to members:

Chapters 2-4 are a very succinct, informative view at lapidary art through the eyes of the jeweler. This stuff is very helpful for the faceter who hopes to sell to or collaborate with a metalsmith.

  1. What Andy Likes (length = 4:00)
    Details of what Andy likes to see in gemstones: fit, features, and finish
  2. What Andy Doesn’t Like in Gemstones (length = 3:39)
    Details of what Andy doesn’t like in gemstones: misfits, misfeatures, etc.
  3. What Andy Would Like to see in Gemstones (length = 6:26)
    Details of gemstone art and architecture Andy would like to see more of.
  4. Questions & Answers with Andy (length = 31:43)
    A full half-hour Q&A about art, creativity, development, collaboration, marketing, etc. Very worthwhile!

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