NuBond Laps: Care and Feeding

In my opinion, the Raytech NuBond lap is one of the Faceter’s best friends. They tend to be flatter and to run more true than most other commercial offerings for pre-polish (at least prior to the Zinc+).

Many people think the NuBond “wears quickly”. However, copies that have been in service for years will cut like brand new, if they’re handled and maintained properly. I’ve got copies that are going strong after 5 years of consistent use…


  1. The harder the material you’re cutting, the faster your NuBond lap will glaze. I recommend using the NuBond mainly for Beryl and softer – and using something else for harder stones. (I recommend a Zinc+ lap or a BATT lap charged with Voodoo 8k or 3k.)
  2. Use a wetting agent – like a few drops of 20/10 windshield washing concentrate – in your drip tank. This will help break surface tension in the cutting liquid, and allow the diamond to bite-into the gem material with less pressure.

The first video on this page is about the basic care and refurbishing of NuBond laps. The following two videos (for site members) are about gem materials NEVER to put on the NuBond: One will reliably DESTROY your NuBond lap, the other one is about a gem material the NuBond lap will probably cause you major problems with. I hope you enjoy!

Care and Feeding of your NuBond lap:

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