Academy Preparation Questionnaire

This is the beginning of several weeks of exciting preparation for a fast, intense, and rewarding class in faceting, and related disciplines and issues. During the class, the spirit is MOMENTUM, so we’re going to begin building that right now.

It’s important for newer faceters to let go of any trepidation or intimidation they may have, realizing that faceting isn’t really any more complicated than driving a car. So, you’re going to do just fine!

Likewise, it’s important for experienced faceters to let go of what they’ve been doing in the past. I do things in very systematic ways because they’re easy to learn, reliable, and efficient – just like the martial arts I teach. Your progress will be very fast when you try my methods for a week…

Experience has shown that care and completeness in this survey correlates strongly with overall success at the Academy. Please invest in your success by doing this carefully and completely.

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I will endeavor to be in close contact with all Academy students prior to - and during the Academy, to insure their safe arrival and maximum benefit from the event. So, please share your contact information:
We use group texts to keep in close contact during the event. Provide a cell phone number we can use for this.

I upgrade every Academy according to my latest methods and discoveries. I also customize the learning environment and presentation according to the backgrounds of the students IN THE SPECIFIC EVENT. To do this for you, I need some detailed information:

As a learning coach, I consider the things that influence a person's effectiveness. I am known internationally for some of my fast and innovative methods for helping people create peak performance. To help me design the best possible experience for you, please share some additional background:

I will strive to insure your individual ambitions are addressed very strongly at the Academy. To help me do that, please share with me about your goals:

It's important to insure everyone has the right equipment & resources for their learning time. We will be moving very quickly and we won't have time to make supply runs or jury-rig anything after the initial setup. So, I want to be very careful to insure everyone is properly equipped. To insure you are ready, please answer the following:

I try to keep a close watch on the travel of incoming students to help insure their safe and comfortable arrival - and to facilitate travel issues like ride-sharing from Medford. To assist with this, please share the following:

Many Academy students plan a side-trip to the Oregon Sunstone mines (4 hours' scenic drive). This trip can be done in a day, though some choose to car-camp or rent a teepee. If you want me to share the e-mail address you provided above in a group e-mail for those planning such a trip, let me know here.

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