Facetron Faceting Machine

"a lapidary luxury"


The Facetron has been around since 1972, with many units in service and a very good customer service reputation. It’s fast and easy to use, and easy to keep clean.

The Facetron can be used as either a hard-stop or a soft-stop machine, and uses a dial indicator stop system.

The manufacturer has thoughtfully padded the lap nut with urethane to reduce accidental stone damage.

And, they have one of the most accurate quill locks known. Even competition cutters are comfortable removing a dop from the Facetron to examine a stone, knowing it’ll be true when they replace it.

The complete Facetron kit comes with:

      • 96 Index Gear
      • Facetron Owners Manual
      • 15 piece dop stick set
      • Water System
      • Acculign Transfer Stand
      • Mast with Micrometer Adjuster and 360 degree swivel
      • Lifetime Warranty Against Defects in Material and/or Workmanship from Jarvi Tool, LLC; Exclusive Manufacturer of the Facetron

With every new machine, I also provide video-based training in some of the trickiest aspects of faceting by including The Faceting Boot Camp DVD 2007-08 DVD – and instant on-line access to that training video.

** CA billing or shipping addresses are billed separately for the 7.25% CA sales tax.

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