Faceted Girdles

This question came in from one of the Mentoring Program members this week:

Many of them (jewelers) dislike faceted girdles, because those hard
 sharp edges make setting the stone difficult, especially
with Sunstone.

I think this is true, if the girdle is THICK and/or if the jeweler isn’t really that skilled.

My ideas on this are:

  1. Look for a (more) competent jeweler.
  2. POLISH the girdles so they aren’t ugly – and polished ones chip LESS easily than those left at 600.
  3. On higher-end stones, facet and polish them if that’s your creative expression. I usually do, and I don’t think a jeweler worth his file is likely to reject them out of squeamishness to set.
  4. Or, roll the girdles if you like. I use a pre-polish lap and roll them by hand, then finish them on a polish lap. You’ve got to make sure, not to roll them too thick, though. Meaning, you’ve got to make a VERY thin girdle before you roll it…

Hope this helps!

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