Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish

Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish

My Exclusive Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish

$34.99 — $54.99

$22.99 — $41.99


Voodoo Magic Polish is is not a repackaging of an industrial product. It is a special compound that I personally developed through years of experimentation. I created it for use on composite (non-metallic) laps such as the Matrix lap, the Wizard Lap, Phenolic, Acrylic, Darkside, etc. However, it works great on metal laps, too!

I recommend these laps for Voodoo:

The following laps are all tested with both Diamond and Oxide Voodoo polishes, and XXX polishes.

The “Corian on steroids” Matrix™ lap.

The Diamatrix™, high-tech “well-mannered ceramic.

The Lightside™, high-tech “wax substitute” lap.

The Darkside™, high-tech composite lap by Gearloose.

The Zinc+ lap

Dick Walker’s “Wizard Lap” – sold by John Franke at The Facet Shoppe.

Why Voodoo Faceting Polish is special:

Diamond and Chrome Voodoo Polishes are tested at lap speeds from 50 rpm to 600+ rpm – leaving a smooth finish at high-speed without excessive streaking or scratching. Any small streaks can be removed with just one or two revolutions at slow-speed.

Very high polish density so it works very aggressively and lasts a long time.

The Voodoo Diamond polishes are self-lubricating, so no “extender” is required. No mess, no fuss maintaining the perfect moisture level, etc. Store the lap for a week and come back to polishing without any fuss, recharging, or prep-time.

Produces very flat faces, even on softer stones.

Voodoo works magic on troublesome stones and situations, such as Sphalerite, Strontium Ttinate, Spodumene. It will even polish Topaz or Spodumene on-the-cleavage!

Refresh the charge (diamond Voodoo) without stopping the lap and without significant interruption of polish work. Packaged in convenient 5-gram pots.

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