Ultra Tec Fantasy

Ultra Tec Fantasy

The Ultra Tec Fantasy Faceting Machine


If you are already an advanced faceter who wants to take your creativity to the ultimate level, a fantasy-cutting machine is one way to do that.

The Ultra Tec Fantasy Faceting machine will allow you to attach your own Ultra Tec (or Facetron) mast and faceting head to the fantasy machine base, so you can cut and polish light-splattering concave (cylindrical) facets, as well as grooves, dimples – or just about whatever your own “fantasy” suggests – into your gems.

This machine has multiple high-precision alignment adjustments, and a faceting-head-locking system they call the “Rigidizer” to keep the gem stable while cutting and polishing.

ALL Fantasy Machine System Packages include:
– Machine – operates at 110 or 220 VAC
– Two Dial Indicators
– Two Rigidizers
– Drip Tank
– Splashguard
– Position 1 Alignment Block
– Position 2 Alignment Block
– Position 2 Spacer Bar
– Cylindrical Tools: 1 each Copper/Maple/Phenolic –– diams. 8 mm, 13
mm, 17 mm;
– Slitting Tools 1 each Copper/Phenolic – 45º;
– Slitting Tool Adapter;
– Tool Bushings. 3/32, 1/8, ¼;
– Owner’s Manual

FACETING ACADEMY EXCLUSIVE: All new machines sold by us include a sample pack of our famous Voodoo faceting polish and a hand-select collection of rough to get the beginner faceter started.


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