Facetron Precision Faceting Machine

Facetron Precision Faceting Machine

"a lapidary luxury"


The Facetron has been around since 1972, with many units in service and a very good customer service reputation. It’s fast and easy to use, and easy to keep clean.


  • Supports both hard-stop and soft-stop cutting techniques, with a high-precision dial indicator and stop system.
  • Large and durable 2-quart drip tank for coolant.
  • Soft urethane splash bowl, that seals snugly against the platen column, keeping the machine and work area clean.
  • Heavy-duty, high-precision deck plate – the foundation of mast-type machine precision.
  • Strong, reversible permanent magnet motor delivers powerful torque at all speeds and in both directions.
  • Cam-locking dop quill – the easiest, fastest, and most repeatable in the industry.
  • Easy-to-navigate and adjust index gear for fast efficient productivity.
  • Smooth and fast micrometer depth-of-cut adjustment.
  • Fast digital protractor that is easy to set and quick for angle changes.
  • No lead screw to crank or clean. Smooth mast system that’s easy to clean and super-fast to make height adjustments.

The Facetron kit includes:

  • The Complete Facetron Machine
  • The Facetron Owners Manual
  • Learning to Facet in the 21st Century with Facetron by Jim Perkins
  • A set of 15 dops (4mm, 5mm, ¼”, 3/8” & ½” flat, cone, vee)
  • Water System
  • Splash Bowl
  • Padded Lap Nut
  • Acculign Transfer Stand for unequaled precision and ease of use.
  • 96 Index gear
  • Mast with micrometer adjuster and 360 degree swivel
  • 45 Degree Table Dop
  • Target Dop
  • Dop Chuck Wrench
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects in material or workmanship from Jarvi Tool, LLC

FACETING ACADEMY EXCLUSIVE: All new machines sold by us include a sample pack of our famous Voodoo faceting polish and a hand-select collection of rough to get the beginner faceter started.

* CA billing or shipping addresses are billed separately for the 7.25% CA sales tax.


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