Dia-Z+ Two-Zone Polishing Lap

Dia-Z+ Two-Zone Polishing Lap

The DiaMatrix™ polishing surface is a toughened, hardened version of the Matrix™ polishing lap, but with a lower complexity that forces a high concentration monolayer on the surface of the lap, providing significantly sharper meets and flatter facets. It is optimized for diamond use, and in particular, for use with Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish. The Zinc+ prepolish surface is hard, flat, and slick - seldom causes orange peel the way copper can - and ideal for use with Voodoo 3k or 8k!


The Dia-Z+ is a two-zone prepolish and polishing lap. The outer zone is the new Zinc+™ alloy – a very fast and versatile prepolishing lap. The inner zone is the popular DIAMATRIX™ polishing surface.

Similar to the popular DOMINATRIX™ with the BATT prepolish band, the DIA-Z+™ offers a more aggressive prepolish (and a lower cost).

Here is a discussion on gemologyonline about the Dia-Z+ two-zone polishing lap. Charge with Voodoo 50k and you’ve got it made!

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