Faceting Laps

Faceting Laps

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      Solid Copper Lap

      from $122.00

      Solid copper lap for prepolishing & polishing.

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      Dia-Z+ Two-Zone Polishing Lap


      The DiaMatrix™ polishing surface is a toughened, hardened version of the Matrix™ polishing lap, but with a lower complexity that forces a high concentration monolayer on the surface of the lap, providing significantly sharper meets and flatter facets. It is optimized for diamond use, and in particular, for use with Voodoo Magic Faceting Polish. The Zinc+ prepolish surface is hard, flat, and slick - seldom causes orange peel the way copper can - and ideal for use with Voodoo 3k or 8k!

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      Acrylic Master Lap


      Economic 8-inch acrylic master lap for calibration operations, supporting toppers, etc.

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      Aluminum Master Lap


      High-quality, AMERICAN-MADE, flat-running, full 8-inch diameter, full 1/4-inch-thick master lap for calibration operations and to support topper laps.

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      Plastic Master Lap 6-inch


      Plastic SIX-INCH master lap for calibration operations and to support topper laps. This is the super-economy option.

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      Cablap™ & Double Cablap™

      from $53.45

      These special grooved, hard fiber phenolic laps by Crystalite are used for final shaping and polishing of sapphire, ruby and garnet (not for faceting). The laps retain their diamond compound charge efficiently. (Double Cablap™ lap, 2 grooves; Cablap™ lap, 1 groove). A 1/2” arbor hole is standard.

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      Dot Disc™ Faceting Laps

      from $240.03

      You can handle large work pieces with ease. These dot pattern discs feature aggressive, fast cutting action for rough cabbing and preforming large faceted stones. They are ideal for cutting large flat areas where hydroplaning and grinding force are factors. Standard 1/2” arbor hole.

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      Ripple Disc™ Faceting Laps

      from $183.53

      The fast cutting 100 mesh disc cuts like a 40 mesh and the 180 mesh disc cuts like a 60 mesh. It is excellent for rough cabbing and preforming large faceted stones. As the tips of the ripple forms wear, fresh diamond is exposed, permitting the disc to remain sharp throughout its long life. This disc will cut agate with ease. Standard 1/2” Arbor hole.

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      Channel Disc™ Faceting Laps

      from $137.39

      These discs have a uniquely shaped working surface of randomly interspersed islands. The resulting channels flush away debris and prevent the stone from pulling excessively on the lap. These are great for rough cutting facets and grinding cabochon backs.

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      Crystalmet™ Sintered Diamond Laps

      from $673.31

      These sintered metal bond diamond discs are made with Crystalite proprietary bond formulation. Manufactured for the lapidary industry, Crystalmet™ discs will provide an excellent finish, long life and an aggressive cutting action. They are ideal for those who want high volume production and long life from their discs. Standard 1/2 inch arbor hole.

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      Crystalite Solid Steel Discs

      from $157.07

      Crystalite solid steel laps are absolutely flat and parallel, to meet the most exacting faceting requirements. These discs have a corrosion resistant copper undercoating. A 1/2” arbor hole.

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      Crystalite Standard Faceting Laps

      from $0.00

      Crystalite standard discs are used by commercial cutters worldwide and are excellent for faceting. The aluminum backs are ground flat and parallel to exacting standards and are made with 100% diamond and bonded with a hard electroplated nickel. They come with a 1/2 inch arbor hole.

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      Topper Laps

      from $37.99

      Inexpensive topper laps for rough-shaping. NOTE: A master lap must be used with these.

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      Zinc Plus Prepolishing lap

      from $72.00

      Zinc is a traditional lap material that works great for a variety of cutting and polishing applications. This lap is very flat and smooth-running. It is an outstanding pre-polish lap when combined with our Voodoo 3k pre-polish. You will remove damage from gross cutting - and adjust meets - very quickly, leaving very flat and smooth facets that will polish quickly and easily!

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      BATT Polishing Lap

      from $96.00

      The BATT special alloy polishing lap is one of my favorite laps for materials harder than Mohs 8. Many people use the BATT with my Voodoo diamond polishes, or with loose diamond. I often double-charge these for doing repair work (2 different diamond grits, a prepolish on outer ring and polish on the interior).

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      BA5T Polishing Lap

      from $130.00

      The BA5T special alloy polishing lap is my personal go-to lap for materials harder than Mohs 8. Many people use the BA5T with my Voodoo diamond polishes, or with loose diamond.