United Kingdom Facet Cutters’ Guild

Welcome to the United Kingdom Facet Cutters’ Guild, North American Branch.

The UKFCG is a very worthwhile organization for the new, intermediate, or even advanced Faceter. They publish a helpful web site, and a first class newsletter, called StoneChat.

These selected sample articles are from StoneChat, courtesy of the UKFCG, and hosted here to offer free learning for Faceters based in North America. If you would like to become a member of the Guild, you can receive access to the full StoneChat, and also purchase back copies containing many years worth of articles, how-to, and designs, you can obtain a Guild membership application here. The Guild also publishes a great training manual for newer to intermediate Faceters.

Announcing UKFCG Open Competition for 2015!

I recommend these publications and membership to the Guild as very cost-effective investments for Faceters of all skill levels. In my opinion, it’s some of the best information you’ll find, as well as some great and friendly contacts.

The current FREE articles, courtesy of UKFCG are:

  1. Ask the Oracle one (directional properties, and dop wax)
  2. Ask the Oracle two (pavilion first, and lucite laps)
  3. Competition Faceting
  4. Cubic Zirconia
  5. Making a Sodalite Egg
  6. Ask the Oracle Ninety Four (chipping)
  7. Ask the Oracle Ninety Five (converting diagrams)
  8. Ask the Oracle Ninety Seven (crystallography)
  9. Ask the Oracle Ninety Four (spectroscopy)
  10. Ask the Oracle Ninety Six (Machines)
  11. Ask the Oracle Ninety Eight (more crystallography)
  12. Ask the Oracle Ninety Nine (spirits & dopping)
  13. Ask the Oracle Ninety Six (inclusions 1)
  14. Ask the Oracle Ninety Six (inclusions 2)
  15. Ask the Oracle Ninety Six (inclusions 3)
  16. Ask the Oracle Ninety Six (Topaz Canyon)

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9 Responses to United Kingdom Facet Cutters’ Guild

  1. Hi John, I also look forward to meeting you when you get here from across the pond. Best Regards Whizz

  2. Hi John, I also hope to meet you when you get across the pond.. All the best Whizz

  3. Mojgan says:

    Hi dear John. Thank you for articles. I hope more success for you. Happy New Year.

  4. Louis Nagy says:

    I wish to have some information about members, who might be prepared to take on some small work of faceting stones for personal/private use

  5. Peter Simons - UKFCG Show Co-ordinator says:

    Congratulations John, I wish you well with this new venture. Hope to meet you if you get to cross the pond.

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