Facet Rough PDX 2008

This is our brief review of the PORTLAND Facet Rough Show 2008 – the First Annual Faceters’ High-Grade Facet Rough Show and Gathering.

rough gems for facetingThis eye-clean 55-carat Emerald crystal was featured.

Despite one of the worst winter storms in 30 years, and the fledgling nature of the event, the First Annual Portland Show went very well, with faceters coming from as far as Washington, Idaho, and Southern Oregon.

Those who didn’t make it really missed-out on some great material at good prices – as well as some fun connecting with other faceters from the region. Here are a few photos of some who made it – and of the left-overs. Saturday stayed so busy that I didn’t get to shoot these photos until Sunday – AFTER attendees had taken their selections!

rough gems for facetingTerry selecting Tourmaline.

rough gems for facetingExpert cutter Mike Funk appears happy with the Green Beryl.

rough gems for facetingAde shows-off his nice selection of Aqua.

rough gems for facetingHere’s a closer look.

rough gems for facetingOne parcel of “electric” Green Beryl.

rough gems for facetingNice Red Tourmaline on offer.

rough gems for facetingMore Red Tourmaline.

rough gems for facetingThe cleanest bicolor I’ve seen recently.

rough gems for facetingHuge, chunky, clean Aqua.

rough gems for facetingMonster Aqua!!.

rough gems for facetingBags of clean material!

Following are some of my selections, including some really large pieces of Aqua and Tourmaline. (The emerald got away…)

rough gems for facetingNice piece of Sunset Tourmaline.

rough gems for facetingBicolor One.

rough gems for facetingBicolor Two.

rough gems for facetingBicolor Three.

rough gems for facetingA pretty green that should finish two carats.

rough gems for faceting9+ gram Red Tourmaline.
The marks are superficial
This will be eye-clean!

rough gems for faceting10+ gram Red Tourmaline.
Again, eye-clean stone!

rough gems for facetingEye-clean Emerald will finish 1+ carat.

rough gems for faceting11+ gram “KILLER blue” Aquamarine!

rough gems for facetingAnother 11+ gram “electric” Beryl.

The Second-Annual Pre-Tucson Faceters’ High-Grade Show and Gathering in Portland will be held approximately on the weekend prior to the Tucson shows kicking into high-gear. The exact date will be announced sometime in December or thereabouts.

We’re expecting to invite some additional dealers, and I’ll be taking applications from dealers who wish to represent high-grade faceting materials from different parts of the planet. I will insure that dealers have very minimum overlap in materials to insure they remain motivated to attend year after year.

If you have a favorite dealer or two, feel free to have them contact me about applying for invitation. I am presently considering dealers to represent Afghanistan / Pakistan region materials, South-American region materials, China & South Asian materials, and some additional African-region materials (Madagascar, Namibia, etc).

We’ll also entertain American rough dealers with Sapphire, Sunstone, Opal, etc. And, I may take-on the responsibility of managing small parcels for dealers who can offer materials not otherwise represented and who cannot personally attend.

If you are a faceter or equipment dealer or rough dealer and have an idea for a 5 to 20 minute presentation that you’d like to give regarding any of these things, drop a line and we’ll begin planning you into the event.

The second Annual will include a social mixer and show-and-tell session; rough purchase time; and presentations. We intend to keep attendance FREE or as nearly free as possible…

That’s all for this year – Feel free to write with any questions or suggestions that you may have. Maybe we’ll see you there next year…


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