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  1. Jim Snyder says:

    Beginner – Any way to get your recommended first design? You mentioned on dop with CA video. Thanks!

  2. Brad Hobday says:

    Hey John,
    I have learned alot from looking over your cad designs.
    I cant wait for your new class series so I can learn the right way to facet.
    With respects.

  3. Martine says:

    Hi John
    I have read about your Green 3 design for closed c-axis tourmaline. Is it possible that I could get the GemCad file from you?

  4. Martine van der Westhuysen says:

    Hi John
    A link from Gemology Online to your site for faceting designs has led to a dead end. Any chance of getting the designs back soon? Please?

    • John Bailey says:

      Hi, Martine,

      Yes, the designs page has been gone for a while.

      Re-building it, with references, and with a load of new designs, is on the “to do” list.

      Unfortunately, there are several projects ahead of that. So, I’m not sure how “soon” I’ll be getting it done.

      I am *hoping* to have it done before Summer.

  5. Wayne Glover says:

    So when in the new year will the designs you used to have up return? Your response above was in December. They were indeed helpful and lots of the students in the Faceting classes in Quartzsite cut them. Just curious. \”W\”

  6. I was looking for dates on your faceting class, which you used to run. Are you still doing that? and if so when?

    • John Bailey says:

      Hi, Michael,

      We run a Resident Academy once or twice a year. For a number of reasons, we announce the Academy between 6 and 8 weeks prior to the date it will run, and I have not yet scheduled the exact dates for this year.

      Hope this is helpful!

  7. Victor Billy da Silva says:

    Hello, I’m looking for some faceting diagrams for quartz gemstones.

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