To cut or not…

I get this question frequently:

>>Did you cut the bowl on your machine so that you can make your 90’s on the girdle?

The answer is NO: I DO NOT RECOMMEND chopping-up a perfectly good splash bowl. And, I have never had a problem cutting a girdle. I don’t recommend faceting machine modification. I recommend skill-building – and in some cases, making an accessory.

I fold, or curl – the edge of the bowl inward with one finger. I usually use the middle finger of my left hand – which leaves the index finger free to help manage the stone. I can prevent the gem from slipping off the edge of the lap, or apply a little downward pressure. I’m a two-handed faceter, so I manage the quill with my right hand.

A person can also make a hook out of a coat-hanger wire. Mine is about 2 inches wide across the top (part that catches the bowl).

splash bowl accessory for faceting machine

Then, it comes together into a single hooking base that can be inserted into the hole in the machine base. If you make it the right size, you can curl and compress the bowl and the hook will go into the base, holding the rim of the bowl down securely.
faceting machine accessoryBesides, the bowl edge makes a nice place to rest the dop while you’re checking a diagram or doing other stuff between facets…

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