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Another faceting question from the Mail Bag:

Do you do any one on one facet instruction? 

- Joseph

Hi, Joseph,

Thanks for asking.

I can do one-on-one coaching for people to learn faceting. But, for two reasons, I don’t do much of it:

Learning to facet is pretty time-consuming. People who attend the Resident Training Academy will spend 60+ hours of immersed training time. And, for the vast majority of total beginners, that will be enough to get from zero to cutting most any material or design they want to cut, as well as understanding why they’re using the selected design, being able to select rough skillfully, and being able to make sound business decisions to keep their faceting sustainable or profitable.

My rate for faceting services is $150 / hour, and my rate for business and personal performance coaching is twice that. So, getting me to leave my usual work in order to teach privately would cost something like $9,000.

And, here’s the real thing: Learning in an immersion training group is much faster than learning one-on-one.

That doesn’t sound like it makes sense – Wouldn’t one-on-one mean more private attention?

That’s because, in private training to learn faceting, the questions that come up and problems that must be resolved are only the questions and problems that arise or are thought of by that one person in their small number of training stones. But, in group training, you get exposure to the questions and problems of everyone in the group.

Having helped people learn faceting for some time, I keep my classes VERY small in order to optimize the amount of personal attention, balanced with the amount of questions that arise and problems that I teach students to solve. And, there’s just nothing like being in a live situation where the guy next to you hits a problem you didn’t think of – and you see it solved in real time. That’s one of the main values of attending a live training – seeing problems resolved and learning the strategies for doing that.

When I survey graduates of the Resident Faceting Academy, that group dynamic is usually one of their most favored aspects – one of the things they felt most contributed to their high-speed of progress in learning to Facet.

So, when you get both better and faster learning – and you get to cost-share the time involved in my dedicated attention and teaching – the group option is superior to personal one-on-one training.

Another thing to consider is that Resident Faceting Academy students all receive free temporary membership to the Mentoring Group – personal and customized coaching by phone, e-mail, and Skype to – for a period after their resident training. Membership to that Mentoring Group is available on an annual basis, with alerts, conference calls, personalized coaching in faceting, business, and effectiveness – provided the person has basic faceting skills to begin with. (I don’t try to teach basic beginner faceting by e-mail).

All that said, I would teach one-on-one to a student who wanted that, and who could afford it.

I hope you find this answer useful, and I welcome any further questions or requests for details.



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