Mail Bag: Rolled Girdles?

More faceting questions from the Mail Bag:

I enjoyed the videos. I just knocked a small Sunstone off the dop 
while working on the crown, and superglued it back into the molded 
epoxy. Like you superglued into the dop wax mold in your video.   

I believe that alone was worth the price.  And I intend to buy 
some dop wax, which was not covered in the class I took at the 
Rice Museum. I wish you had more videos, as there is so much to 

What was the reason for the rolled girdle as opposed to 
a faceted girdle?


Hi, Eric,

Thanks for the review on my videos. I’m really glad you are getting full value from them. Stay tuned-in – there are more coming soon!

I believe it is important to learn to dop and transfer with wax and superglue at a minimum – and that practicing with epoxy is also a good idea. The different properties of these things makes them useful in different contexts. And, learning to use them in combination – like superglue with wax – allows some advanced techniques for handling delicate stones.

As far as the rolled girdle, there are two reasons to do rolled rather than faceted:

  1. A rolled girdle is less easy to chip. So, jewelers usually prefer them.
  2. They are less work. And, a faceted girdle on a round isn’t really adding value. So, it’s a responsible thing to do with a client’s stone, and a smart thing to do on one’s own rough.

I hope this helps. Please write if you have other questions.

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