Getting Started in Faceting

Whenever it’s “Academy Time” I get lots of questions about what a person needs to get started in faceting:

“What’s in the “beginner’s kit?” people will ask?

And, there aren’t many one-stop shops for all this stuff, though there are plenty of guys who will try to sell you their kitchen sink and the old AMC Pacer sitting on blocks in their side yard, too. The real list isn’t that long – or that expensive, alongside the price of a shiny faceting machine.

To help my Academy students, I compiled a checklist document with both required and recommended items – and also a video to help with familiarity.

So, if you’re excited about getting started in faceting, and you want an honest list of the stuff you really need, check those links and feel free to save the checklist document and use the embedded links to get to your items quickly.

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