Diamond Faceting Laps Question

This question came via eMail today:

As diamond laps are very expensive and their diamond surface is
a thin layering, have you heard of major producers of these laps
offering any kind of reduced price to resurfacing worn laps.
I use the Crystallite steels and it just seems like they would be
one that would be a re-surfacable item. Your thoughts?

I am not aware of a re-surfacing operation by any of the major manufacturers. I’m not an expert on the diamond plating process, so I don’t know if there’s a reason this could be more costly than starting fresh. I assume there are contamination issues, and that producing a quality product would require stripping the old diamond away – and that may be problematic. That’s a guess.

In my experience, there’s seldom a need for high-quality precision laps in grits more coarse than 600. And, good working with the 260 and lower (more coarse) grits will minimize the wear and tear on the 600 metal bond. And, treating the lap nicely (water, not too much pressure, etc) will also invite it to last a long time.

My Crystallite 600 laps last me years of pretty heavy use.

Hope this is useful.



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