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The polish lap I use most is Corian (for everything softer than Spinel), and of the Corian laps I’ve tried, my favorite, for both price and quality is the one made by Sierra Gems.You can order their 8-inch lap here.



Gemological Kit

This kit contains four of the most essential gem identification and evaluation tools useful for the serious faceter, in a bundle with Schumann’s essential book. If you’re getting started, I think this is a good deal.

Chelsea Filter, Dichroscope, Jewelers Loupe, Gemological Refractometer – Gem Identification Tools, Bundle 6 Items

  • Chelsea Filter
  • Dichroscope
  • 10x triplet jewelers loupe
  • Gemological Refractomer with 10 grams of Certified RI. 1.80 Liquid included.
  • Copy of GEMSTONES OF THE WORLD book by Walter Schumann.

BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe

This is my favorite good-quality loupe. It’s the one I personally use for both examination of rough and faceting quality control.

BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Folding Magnifier, High-Quality Optical Glass with Anti-Reflection Coating

  • 10x Magnification Power
  • Large 0.65” (17mm) Viewing Area
  • Large 21mm(0.85”) Achromatic Triplet Lens Gathers Light for a Bright, Clear and
  • Color Correct View

Polarizing Film – Polarizing Filter

If you want to build yourself a nice big polariscope for evaluating large rough – or multiple pieces at a time. Or, if you just want to have room to manipulate your rough inside your polariscope (very useful in locating optic axis, finding optic sign, etc) – this is an economical way to go about it.

Polarizing Film – Polarizing Filter – HEAVY DUTY LAMINATED

  • Comes with protective peel-off film on both sides.
  • Great for doing cool science projects/experiments.
  • Great for building large POLARISCOPES


If you don’t buy the bundle mentioned above, this is a beginner-grade refractometer – which I find sufficient for the typical serious faceter.


Spectrum Naturals Refined Walnut Oil

This is an immersion oil option that has an RI of about 1.47 – far better than water. And, though not quite as good as Wintergreen (below), it is not strong-smelling, and is utterly nontoxic – in fact a good source of Omega 3. (I also find it good to cook with).

Spectrum Naturals Refined Walnut Oil, 16 oz

Kosher Vegetable Glycerine 48 ounces

This is an immersion oil option that has an RI of about 1.474 – far better than water. And, though not quite as good as Wintergreen (below), it is not strong-smelling, and is utterly nontoxic. It’s also water soluble, so easy to clean!

Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP 43 oz

Methyl Salicylate (Oil of Wintergreen)

This is a very standard immersion oil, widely used due to the 1.53 RI. It does smell rather strong, and will be irritating to the eyes and throats of some people. If you spill it you cannot get the smell out, so be careful. DO NOT get it in your eyes. And, it will also penetrate your skin, so do not handle it excessively.

Methyl Salicylate 1000ml High Purity (Oil of Wintergreen)

Ear Plugs / EarPlugs Kids Soft Silicone

Use these for holding stones while precision dopping. It retains shape and position, and does not readily burn, so you can hot dop with it. Much faster and better than screw-type mechanical rough holders.

Ear Plugs / EarPlugs Kids Soft Silicone – 6 pairs

The Original Super Glue, 12-pack

People often ask me which Superglue I use, and this is it: The original and name-brand kind – which I buy in a 12-pack for convenience and savings. I like the tubes better than large bottles.

Super Glue The Original Super Glue 15187, .07 Ounce, 12-pack

5 Min Epoxy- Two 4 1/2oz Bottles

I don’t use epoxy often, but when I do, I use this one.

Dev Con Epoxy

Epoxy Photo

Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Gauge

This is one of THE most handy devices for your faceting shop. It will help you level your working surfaces (or pitch them accurately for drainage). It will help you check the alignments of various parts of your machine quickly and easily. And, it’s the fastest and easiest tool for calibrating your protractor and zeroing your cheater.

Check out my video on how to do it!

Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Gauge

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