Polishing Sapphire

This is just in from the mail bag:

I can't thank you enough for recommending the 600 cutting lap and 
BA5T to pre-polish with 3,000 diamond powder and then to use the 
BA5T for the final polish with 50,000 mesh diamond powder for 
cutting corundum. I purchased the 2 BA5T's and the 600 cutting lap. 
I just finished cutting my first Montana sapphire usingĀ  this 
system. What a joy to use the BA5T's. I polished the sapphire 
like it was butter. It cut my pre-polish and polishing time by at 
least a factor 4. It polish those nasty tiny pits right out of the 
stone in nothing flat. The only thing I have to watch out for is 
overheating when polishing and cutting back on the pressure applied 
especially with the small sapphires.

Again, a big thank you! Your recommendation is a huge time saver 
and it makes cutting and polishing sapphires a joy rather than 
dreading the polishing time.

This guy is following my recommended sequencing for cutting and polishing Corundum. It’s great to see someone getting the FUN results that faceting should be providing. How many more stones will a person cut when they’re having FUN doing it? This kind of feedback is the reason I built this site. Thanks very much!

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